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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here is what I have been working on for Mothers Day.
They were a lot of fun to make!!! I love the Butterfly!

Carch has been practicing his front-flip like crazy. It took me a few tries, but I got a pic of him in mid-air!!! WAY TO GO CAR!!!!!!!

Daisy wanted me to update her pic on my blog! She has lost a little weight (lol) and is having a great hair day.

We have bird nest in the willow tree in our yard. We have been watching it the past few days, and Momma has spending alot of time sitting on her eggs. The other day Cade, got a ball stuck in the tree and went up to get it. As soon as he stepped foot in the tree birds came a flyin'. They are pretty protective & and don't take their eyes off the nest. We are excited to see how many babies they have!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vegas/ Grand Canyon Trip 2009

This is what we did for Spring Break! We went to Las Vegas :) Calvin couldn't make it down to go with us, so we let Cade take a friend(Steven). We had to head to the Excalibur to get our tickets for the Tournament of Kings.It was really nice weather.The kind of weather you want to take home with you!!!

We wanted to check out the Lion exhibit at the MGM. It was pretty lame. We also picked up a friend on the way. Cade's friend Tyson was in Vegas with his Grandma & Grandpa and wanted to go to the Tournament of Kings with us.

We had a few hours until the tournament to we walked the strip. We stopped at the M&M store. Had to get some M&Ms. Carch in his Fadora:)

Cade & Tyson picking out some M&Ms.

Checkin' out the Nascar floor at the M&M store. This store huge!!!
I am so photogenic *NOT*

Fineally, a picture with Craig in it. We also had to stop by next door & check out the Coke store.

We went walking out of the Coke store I looked over & gasped. Craig knew right away I saw something!!! Mr. I Want Attention brought his friend with him for a night on the town.

Carch petting the Snake!

We made it to the Tournament of Kings! We sat in th French section. It was fun!!!


Next we went to see Hoover Dam.

We went to the Adventure dome at Circus Circus! The kids had fun playing games and riding the rides.Cade & Steven winning lots of tickets.

Carch alway has good luck at winnings things!!!

Here we are at the Grand Canyon. What a magnificent site!!!