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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer fun

The kids love going to Browning pool in the summer.
Carch about to hit the water!!!

Cade havin' some fun too!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

While Calvin was in town visiting with us, I wanted for us to make a soap he could share with his friend Josh & his family. I haven't done a 6 color soap yet, so Calvin was nice enough to help me make one!!!
Nice pic Calvin!!! Thought you would especially like this one:)

Pic of the whole loaf.

Here is a side Pic. I think it turned out way cool. Hope you like Calvin.

Here is a pic of the family. We took it over at Sandridge Park!!!
Hope you are having a great Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I taught a soap making for the Weber County extension offices. I was so nervous, but everything turned out great. I was ready to start making a cold press soap & I couldn't find one of the oils. We were doing a 4 oil soap so it should have been simple, right? Not for me!!! The night before I measured out the oils in separate containers, so it would be easier. I didn't want to take the big buckets I get most bulk oils in. So this would save on time. I panicked looking all over for the oil.
Dori offered to run out to my home & pick it up and bring back. So she headed out. In the mean time I called Craig & he said he would bring to me, thank goodness!!! So Suzie called Dori & told her what was the new plan. So in the mean time we made sugar scrubs.The ladies had fun creating their own scrubs. About the time we finished with that Craig & Carch arrived with the oil. They saved the day!!!!!! Now I owe Craig big time.

Here is the soap I made for the class a few days ahead of thime so they could see the whole cold press soap making process from start to finish!! It is Peppermint, Orange & Eucalyptus EO's with ground peppermint leaves threwout. It has 3 colors, red, orange & green. We had a piece leftover, I am using it now. Yahoo for cp soap!!!

This is the soap we made during the class. It was scented with Pearberry. I forgot how fast the kind of pearberry traces, it is fast. I was throwing in the french green clay & had to stir like crazy. It is a 2 color soap (yellow & moss green) with a little fg clay on top. I barely had time to swirl on the top.