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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gratitude Journal

I just love Jana Is so talented with all her mixed media art, scrapbook pages, cards, home decor and lots more. They do a live show that rocks.

Jana & Terri have designed a gratitude journal.  I got my note book the other day at staples (5x7 size) to use as my journal. I took it out yesterday and got the cover done. I knew I wanted a flower on it & I wanted to do some stitching too. I really like how it came together. I found some lace from my stash I wanted to use to cover up some of the black that is on the spine. The lace had some spaces here and there so I decided to use some floss and add to it. I just am happy with how it all came together. I love those times when you can just sit down to create something & the ideas just keep flowing and pretty soon your project is done. That ROCKS!!!

So this is my finished cover. I sat down & wrote in it too. I find writing hard but I know if I keep at it I will get better!!! Hoping so anyway!!!

Thank you Jana & Terri for such a fun project!!!!!!!!!
Connie <3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yet another art journal page :)

I was checkin' out my journal yesterday & realized I never did post a pic of this art journal page.
I made the page around these bulbs I got at the store the other day. I was so excited to get planting I planted the bulbs the same day I got them from the store. The tips are already peeking up through the ground, oh happy day.

Speaking of happy day, today is the first day of spring, oh ya. I plan on getting my peas, spinach & lettuce planted sometime this week. Our weather forecast for the week is rain/snow one day mostly cloudy the next day and so on for the next week, so I am gonna try when I can.

Have a happy first day of spring!!!
Connie <3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new page

Here is my latest.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Journal Page

Yet another page from my art journal everyday. This page came together easily, I love when that happens!!!

Connie <3

Friday, March 11, 2011

Travel Journal

The other day I watched Julie Balzers live with prima class on making a travel journal. I was hoping to do the class right along with her, but I didn't have the right papers to use for  the journal. So the next morning I went to my local craft store (Roberts) and got some fun, springy, so cute papers. I was wanting to make the journal for an upcoming vacation, so I needed the right papers.

This is how my journal turned out, it wa so much fun to make I know I will be making more!!!



Top view

Back Cover

Have a super weekend!!!
Connie <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yesterday was my Birthday!!! I went shopping at a local craft store & got a few new things. So I decided to do an art journal page with some of my new goodies. I am loving using markers to add a little somethin to my pages.

My super nice hubby gave me some flowers. Sweet :)

I had a very nice day.


Friday, March 4, 2011

New Art Journal Page

Here is my latest art journal page. I am really my diggin chai these days. With winter weather still upon us I am really lovin my chai.

I was all set to start making chai from scratch. I even got on youtube, watched a few videos on how to make it. So I was at the store checking out the black tea's and I came across stash-chai spice black tea. It has the same ingredients as making it from scratch, so I thought cool I will give it a try. So far I am lovin it, awesome on a cold winter night. Kind of like a comfort food, but a comfort drink.

So I made a simple page about my chai. The sticker (with the heart) I made came from a free printable Valentines Day art journal page from Traci Bautista. Her artwork is so inspiring, check it out!!!

Have a super weekend :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So I was going through my some containers I keep my printed pictures in and ran across some pic's I have of Craig & I  when we were dating. I really wanted to put them in a layout.

I didn't have any plans on what I wanted this layout to be, I just went with it.

I had some light tan card stock so I grabbed that and sprayed some of my spray inks on it. The paper kind of curls up when you are drying it, but that's ok with me.

Then I grabbed some painters paper (the kind you get at the paint store, you use it to cover windows, stuff like that while you are painting), cut out a heart shape and spray inked that too. I really like how the paper gets wrinkly when it is dried, pretty cool.

I decided I wanted some stitching on the heart, so I got some red dmc floss and stitched around the heart shape.

I wanted to add a few more hearts to the page, so I found some felt and cut out a few heart shapes. I cut out some paper hearts to add to the back of the felt ones.

Next I added the pictures then the title.

I love how it turned out, now having my story on a page!!!

Have a great day,