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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vinegar Hair Rince

So I decided I wanted to make an herbal vinegar for my hair. I used one before from a herbal infusion swap I did a few years ago, and I really liked it. So I went snooping online and found a list with herbs that are good for your hair in making vinegars. So I rounded up a few for my concoction.

First I got a glass canning jar to put everything in. I went out to my garden & got some lemon balm(plant in the middle). I love the scent, lemony & fresh.

Next I got some sage. Gotta love the sage!!!

The third plant is lavender!!! What can I say lavender ROCKS!!!

With all the awesome herbs in my jar I headed inside to add the apple cidar vinegar.
I only had enough to fill the jar half way, so the next day I went to the store and got some more & added it to my jar.

I put my goodie jar in my garden window & will let it steep for a few weeks. I try and remember and give the jar a good shake everyday.

When it's ready or I can't stand it sitting there any longer & I just wanna use it I will strain the liquid out & throw the herbs away, then put my yummy concoction back in the jar, put some in a plastic bottle for the shower and get that puppy in my hair.
I use 1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup cool water and apply that rince after shampooing.

See I get excited, it is really hard waiting.

You too can make yummy concoctions for your hair, face, skin!!!

Off to shake my jar :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Piggy's

I saw on another blog pictures of peoples feet. I thought ya know that is something I don't have any of, pictures of my familys tootsies. So I decided to take a few of "those kind" of pic's.

Carch & I plopped down on our floor Sunday morn to see how our feet matched up.I knew his feet are close to being the same size as mine. Well they are a little longer than mine. I can't believe my 10 year old has a little bit longer feet than mine.

My boys' are all freakin' huge. They were always in the 95% as far as growth on those charts as the Doc's. Because they are so tall we think something must be in our water. Calvin is 6' 5"(almost 22), Cade is 6' 3" (just turned 15), and Carch is
5"2' (10 1/2). I am thinkin' I will be the shortest someday soon!!! That will be really weird. I will have this tower of tall, handsome boys around me, that will ROCK! I love my tall boy's even if that makes me the short one!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Time Flower Pic's

This is my jupiter's beard plant on bloom. I love all the sea of pink. It re-seeded like crazy; so will just have to find other spots for them in my yard,(that's to darn bad :), and share with friends!!!

The awesome purple sage. I love the salvia family of plants. I just bought 3 more sages today. One of them is a culinary sage & the other two are decrative. One of them is red & I am excited to see it when it blooms!

Beautiful poppys. I have the orange & light pink one's.

Have a great week, Connie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Time Fun

We spend a whole lotta time during the summer up at the Browning pool. It is one of the "perks" of hubbys job (love it).

Have a fun summer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy 15 Birthday Cade

June 14 was Cade's Birthday. We had family come down Sunday for cake & ice cream.

Cade with Grandma T.

Cade with Grandpa Farrel & Grandma Kathy

Cade with his Birthday cake. This year he wanted carrot cake. Yum, Yum!!!
Love you so much Cade, hope your birthday was a fun one!!!