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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carch's big 10 Happy Birthday

Yesterday we had Carch's family birthday party. All of Craig's family made it. Mom & Reed came too. Carch has been wanting a soda drinking hat. It was a hit at the party.
We forgot to get any soda for Carch to use with his new soda hat. We are way lame. Lucky for us Carch is a good sport & tried the hat out with cups of water. It works great.

Carch has been wanting "cold hard ca$h" for his b-day. He has been saving the money he got last year, plus his allowance to get him a Ipod Touch. He was so excited to get his Ipod on his birthday. He thought,(with a little help from us) that he would have to go and get it later. So it was a fun surprise for him.

Happy Birthday Carch. Love you so much!!!! Mom

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