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Monday, March 8, 2010

Yet another b-day pressy :)

Here is another present I made for Robin's birthday. I got the can opener from Walmart for $ 9.50. I just love making these can's & ya gotta have this kind of can opener!

The can on the left won't work for this kind of can opener. The can has to be the kind with a rolled type edge(one on the right). What the can opener does, it un-rolls the rolled up edge. This gives you a smooth edge. The top of the can has to be the kind with a pull tab :)

So I removed the can bottom, washed & dried the can to. Then I filled it with mini candy bars. I was surprised how many fit in the can. Then with super glue I attached the can bottom back on the can. Now is the fun part!!! Decorating the can. I used lots of scrap paper & ribbon and some twine.

Then I made a little tag with "pull me" so she would know what to do. It was a fun surprise, I will be making more of these.

In fact I am thinking this project will probably be the one I use for making co-worker gifts for Christmas.
Have a super week,
Connie :)

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