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Monday, June 20, 2011

New sugar scrub

I have been needing to make some sugar scrub. I was down to the bottom of my ice cream bucket and that's not good lol. I love it so much and it is pretty easy to make. I know I might seem a little wack, but I use it everyday on my face. I just love the feeling of having that soft, exfoliated face in the morning. I even take some with me when we go on a trip/vacation. I just gotta have it.

The kind I make in bulk is the emulsified kind. It has lots more ingredients than the simple basic sugar & oils mixed together kind. I do like that kind too, I like to trade them off.

The reason the scrub turned darker is because I added some lotion to it. The peppermint lotion I made and showed in a post back a bit. If my scrub dries out a little (I don't put a lid on it in the shower) I will add a little lotion or aloe vera to it.

Connie :)

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