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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Co worker gifts 2012

It's that time of year, to make something fun for hubby to give his work buds for Christmas. I found a  cute candy sleigh here  and decided to make some.
Here is what I did.

You need some Kit Kats

A bag of  small mixed candy bars.

Another bag of mixed chocolates. This bag only had a few (maybe 5) chocolate santas. So you will need to get a bag of chocolate santas. And a few boxes of candy canes too.

Take a kit kat.

Get one of the small candy bars and glue it to the front of the kit kat, like a car bumper.

Next glue a small candy bar behind the bumper candy bar. Leave a little space to glue in santa next, between the two.

After that glue the other chocolates on the back of the sleigh, behind santa.

Then glue on the candy canes.

I glued mine close to the edge, it seemed to make it sturdy.
Ta Da :)    Connie

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