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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Candy Cane Bath Salts

This year for Christmas I wanted to make a little something different. The past few years I made my friends braided scarfs or a warm cowl, something out of yarn. So I decided on making them some yummy bath salts. I looked around the internet to find a recipe.

First I found these glass jars at the dollar store. They are plain, with no writing or anything on them.

Next I got the Epsom salts at Walmart.

Then at Winco I got the Sea Salt. Winco has it in their bulk area, and it is sooooooo much cheaper than buying it in the regular salt container.

This is the recipe i used.

Next i got the glycerin & peppermint essential oils together.

I mixed the Epsom salt, sea salt, glycerin & peppermint  together. I poured half of the mixture into my mixing bowl, to be colored red and left the rest.

 I added several drops of the red coloring and mixed it up. It took awhile to get it all mixed in, even then I thought I would try a little reddish soap colorant I had on hand. 

I think it helped using the other color.

I started layering the colors.

Almost done :)

It needed a little ribbon, a candy cane and a tag. Now it's ready for gift giving
The recipe made 4 of these jars and 1 quart jar full. 

Connie :)

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