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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joss Wedon swap

We finally got our goodies back from the Joss Whedon swap. It was an awesome swap!!!
I have been using stuff already. The Inara eye shadows are so nice, not to glittery so I am liking them a lot. Angel's smiley time body wash is great too. I am way into hair goop so the Champion hair mask rocks too. I have also been using the Mudders milk soap & like that too. The swap was awesome without having lots of the same items, there was really a lot of variety. And we had no flakers, which way cool too!!!Mrs. Reynolds lip balm is super moisturizing, i am lovin the lavender & sweet orange. The Vamp perfume is to die for!!!! Way sexy!!! I need a gallon of it. And Kaylee's mechanics hand cream is yummy, my hands & feet just drink it up!!!

I can't wait to keep trying all the super products.

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