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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make all the flowers for this years Mothers Day cards. Last year I made all paper flowers & wanted to still do the flower theme but use something other than paper. So I hopped on You Tube and got lots of ideas for fabric flowers.

This is how I made the cards & put them together.

First I got my Sizzix die & my Cuttlebug and cut out lots of flower & a few leaf shapes.I cut out felt, tulle, fabric!

Using my bug to cut out fabric shapes. This fabric didn't cut so well, so I didn't use it. The tulle did ok, but I found that 100% cotton fabric was the best to cut out with that die.

Cut out flower shapes.

The I took the fabric & made some yo-yo's. The I sewed a button in the middle.

Next I took the fabric flowers and folded them in half and made layered flowers. I know there are videos on You Tube on how to make them, that is where I got the idea from. I used 4 large flowers and 4 smaller flowers to make the layers. Then I sewed a button in the middle.

Here is a most finished layered flower :) Just gotta sew on the button.

Then I made another kind of layered flower with the bottom layer tulle, the a felt flower & felt center. I took some DMC thread and stitched them together.

I wanted to do a little more to the tulle flower to make it show a little more. So I decided to ink or chalk the tips. I like how it does make the flowers pop a little more.

I hopped my on sewing machine and sewed a little edge around the leafs.

I took the Stylized Flower Cuttlebug folder and embossed the card stock.

Here is how I put them all together :) First layered fabric flower.

Then I added the leaf.

Next the tulle and felt flower.

Finally I added the fabric yo-yo!!!

All six done and ready to go :) They were time consuming but, so much fun to make!!!

Have a super day,

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