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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Peppermint Lotion

I have been needing & wanting to make some new lotion the past week or two. It is strange I know but I get grouchy if I haven't made anything in a while. Same thing with wood crafts, paper crafts, scrapbooking, gardening. I know I made scrub a few weeks ago, but I still get the urge. So I thougth I would treat myself on Friday and make some. I have been busy doing school through US Career Institute for the past 3 1/2 months, and I am almost done(finals took me about 4 days to do). So I needed some fun:) As luck would have it my hubby came to me Thursday night wanting some lotion for his super dry elbows(guys elbows get so scabby & dry!!!). Can the guy read my mind or what!!! So here is the "NEW" Peppermint loton.

Body Mousse

Distilled water---------- 23 oz.
jojoba oil--------------- 1.8 oz.
sunflower oil------------ 1.2 oz.
olive oil---------------- 0.6 oz.
glycerin----------------- 1.5 oz.
e-wax-------------------- 1.5 oz.
stearic acid------------- 0.9 oz.
peppermint eo------------ 0.3 oz.
preservative ------------ 0.3 oz.

It turned out awesome. Here are the deets :)

Melt the oils, e-wax and stearic. I do it for 30 seconds, then check. You don't want to get the oils to hot.

Then warm up the water. For lotion making you need to keep the water at 160 for 20 minutes to kill the yuckys in the water. Be sure and use distilled water. After the 20 minutes I add the glycerin to the water.

Now comes the fun part. I start blending(with a stick blender)the water/glycerin mixture. Slowly add the oil mixture to the water. Just a slow steady stream. Keep adding the oil until it is gone. Then I blend for a minute then let it sit. Keep blending & letting the mixture cool down. When the mixture is cooled down to about 100 I add the peppermint eo & preservative.

I put the lotion in 2- 4 oz. squeeze tubes & the rest in an empty, clean ketsup container. The ketsup container is great for re-filling the tubes when the are empty.

Homemade lotion "ROCKS"

1 comment:

Craig said...

Hey, my elbows aren't THAT scabby. The lotion is pretty great though! Thanks babe!