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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vinegar Hair Rince

So I decided I wanted to make an herbal vinegar for my hair. I used one before from a herbal infusion swap I did a few years ago, and I really liked it. So I went snooping online and found a list with herbs that are good for your hair in making vinegars. So I rounded up a few for my concoction.

First I got a glass canning jar to put everything in. I went out to my garden & got some lemon balm(plant in the middle). I love the scent, lemony & fresh.

Next I got some sage. Gotta love the sage!!!

The third plant is lavender!!! What can I say lavender ROCKS!!!

With all the awesome herbs in my jar I headed inside to add the apple cidar vinegar.
I only had enough to fill the jar half way, so the next day I went to the store and got some more & added it to my jar.

I put my goodie jar in my garden window & will let it steep for a few weeks. I try and remember and give the jar a good shake everyday.

When it's ready or I can't stand it sitting there any longer & I just wanna use it I will strain the liquid out & throw the herbs away, then put my yummy concoction back in the jar, put some in a plastic bottle for the shower and get that puppy in my hair.
I use 1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup cool water and apply that rince after shampooing.

See I get excited, it is really hard waiting.

You too can make yummy concoctions for your hair, face, skin!!!

Off to shake my jar :)

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