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Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Piggy's

I saw on another blog pictures of peoples feet. I thought ya know that is something I don't have any of, pictures of my familys tootsies. So I decided to take a few of "those kind" of pic's.

Carch & I plopped down on our floor Sunday morn to see how our feet matched up.I knew his feet are close to being the same size as mine. Well they are a little longer than mine. I can't believe my 10 year old has a little bit longer feet than mine.

My boys' are all freakin' huge. They were always in the 95% as far as growth on those charts as the Doc's. Because they are so tall we think something must be in our water. Calvin is 6' 5"(almost 22), Cade is 6' 3" (just turned 15), and Carch is
5"2' (10 1/2). I am thinkin' I will be the shortest someday soon!!! That will be really weird. I will have this tower of tall, handsome boys around me, that will ROCK! I love my tall boy's even if that makes me the short one!!!

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