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Monday, July 5, 2010

I have had this big idea for the past few months. I wanted to go see my oldest son Calvin & surprise him. So I was real sneaky & every time I have talked to him the past few months I would ask him about his work schedule, if he was taking any days off soon, questions like that. So later last week I asked about his schedule (he probably thinks I'm going senile ( I am to young for senile :) asking the same kinds of ??? every time we talk :). So Saturday afternoon we left for Challis, a 5 hour drive for us to surprise Calvin. It was a beautiful day for a long drive, I was so excited to see Calvin & us spend some family time together.

We checked into our motel & went out for dinner to the restaurant where Calvin works. As soon as we got there Calvin came walking out from the back and was putting something away at the salad bar. I hollered " Hey Goodlookin", Calvin turns around & he was surprised. It took him a second to let it soak in. Then I gave a big hug and all was good!!!

The owner of the restaurant insisted Calvin come and spend time with us. It was a slow night so I didn't feel bad about Calvin abandoning his post. It was great to see Calvin and spend time with him. We all had Patty Melts & talked. I got to explain my craziness.

The owner was nice to take a family pic. We had to let Calvin get back to work so we went bowling.

The next day we meet for breakfast & went on a ride. Calvin took us to a fun hiking, creek crossing, picture taking place. We all took of our shoes & socks to cross the creek & go on a little hike. Man o man the water was cold. Then we found a tree across the creek and came back over on it.

After our hike on the way to take Calvin home we stopped and got some "good" fireworks. It was a short trip, but so glad to spend time with Calv & miss his so, and wish he lived closer to us!!!!!! Maybe someday :)


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