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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The concert was awesome :)

Finely the day was here, I was so excited!!! All three bands were ROCKIN'. I had a fun time!!!!!

Night Ranger started off the concert. I was most excited to see them. They are awesome. I was a way happy girl when they played YOU CAN STILL ROCK IN AMERICA, one of the best songs ever, it's in my top 10!!!!!!! They also played Sister Christan, sweet, love that song.

Next up was Foreigner. They were good too. They played mostly their hits, which was good. My favorite song from them for the night was Dirty White Boy, I had forgotten about that song, so when they played it, that was awesome :)

Third up was Journey. I was excited to see them too. I do wish I would have seen them when Steve Perry was singing. He is quite the songbird, beautiful voice. Arnel sang fantastically too. They had an awesome light show. They also blew confetti out of the huge air gun things(not sure what they are called). The sky was filled with white,fluttering confetti. Only a few pieces came our way, so we waited till a lot of the crowd was gone, and Carch went and got a few pieces of the confetti and I used the pieces in our homemade smash books. My favorite song from them was Stone In Love. I felt bad that I had forgotten that song, since it has been along time since I heard it, but I love it. And Lights... always awesome.
I had a super time, wished we would have been closer to the stage, but had a great time :)

Connie :)

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