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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is that???

I went to Winco yesterday morning to pick up a few things. In the fruit section they had these creates with this crazy looking fruit in them. I looked at the sign and it said Dragonfruit. So cool :) I thought it would be a hit at home with all my roll playing, gaming boys. So I picked it up and was excited to try this unusual fruit.

So I waited until everyone was home so we could try it together. I was surprised what it looked like on the inside.

We all tried it at the same time. It had some texture, and at first I thought it tasted like a really mellow cucumber. As I had a few more bites I didn't think it had such a cucumber taste. Really kind of bland. Now i am not sure if it was ripe when we tried it. I squeezed it and it felt ripe to me, but not sure if it was. The red outer peel can be peeled away, it is bitter, and the white seedy part is what I finished eating. It is not the best thing I have had, but it is worth a try :)


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