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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awesome lotion

I have been needing to make a batch of lotion for awhile. It was kinda cold outside the other day, so I thought it was the perfect day for lotion making.

I used
distilled water, heated with two green tea bags added
 sunflower oil
grapeseed oil
and for fragrance - Monkey Farts

Tea bags steeping in the water.

Weighting then heating the oils, e-wax & stearic.

Waiting for them to cool down.

Adding the oils to the water. I did add the glycerin to the distilled tea mix after I took the tea bags out.

Stick blending them together.

Weighting to add the preservative and fragrance.

Putting the lotion into containers.

 I decided not to add any color.
It turned out so rich and creamy. My feet and hands are loving it.


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