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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New soap

I saw a post on Ann Marie's blog about a gardeners soap that looked so awesome. I tried to make one like it using ingredients I already have.

Mixing together the oils and water/lye solution.

Cups with different additives to add to the soap.
1 calendula flower petals
1 coffee grounds
1 lavender flowers
1 moroccon red clay

First cup and bottom layer to the soap, the calendula petals.

The soap fragrance is lemongrass sage. I added the calendula soap mix to the bottom of the mold. On top of the calendula I layered the lavender mixture. The soap traced so fast I didn't take pictures of the whole layering process.

 Next I added the coffee layer, then the clay & white layer. I didn't have a chance to do the cool swirl. I had to glop the soap into the mold.

I am letting the soaps cure but I just had to try a slice. I am loving all the scrubbiness.


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