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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Drive

Last Sunday we went for our yearly leaf ride. We usually do a little hike, throw rocks in the water, collect a few branches of beautiful fall leaves. Spend some fun family time together. Our favorite place to go is North Fork. It is so beautiful!!!

The mountain is full with bright reds & oranges. This pic is of us hiking up the stream that runs through North Fork. It was a blast. Of corse I provided some of the entertainment by falling in the water. We were coming back down stream & down I went. I was laughing so hard, the boys and Craig wern't sure if I was laughing or crying. I was laughin. I get the laugh attacks where my whole body shakes, pretty funny. Here I was in the water, laughin so hard I couldn't get up. Fineally I did & was soppin wet the rest of the time. It was to fun :)

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