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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Stazon experiment

I got another stanzon re-fill today. A 50% off coupon made it even better  lol.
I got a small spray bottle and put some rubbing alcohol it and added the stazon. I added quiet a few drops of the stazon. I quit adding the ink when I thought I had the color pink I wanted. I am sure it would take alot more to get even close to a red. The name of the stazon is blazing red.
I just love how the "new" homemade spray ink turned out. They dry so fast & the colors are quite vivid, just love it.
Here are some pics :)

I added a few more drops to the bottle. I want it a little darker.

I added a couple really close sprays to my canvas. I put down a big piece of canvas down before I spray to catch all the over spray, and as a bonus I can use the canvas for other projects.


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