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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas candy cans

Here are some more pull tab cans. I made a few throughout the year for birthdays, but decided to make them for co-worker gifts for Christmas. They are super fun to do.

My favorite cans  to use are the Great Value fruit cans found at Walmart. Any can will do, but the bottom of the can has to have the same kind of bottom on it as the top of the can.
First I took the lable off the can & washed it out, then let it dry.
When I first started on these cans I was going to use some of my scrapbooking papers, but I only have a few leftover from last year. I have been on a quest to use the supplies I have first. So I decided to use wrapping paper, and it works out great. I cut the paper to 10" x 4 1/4 minus a little more on the 4 1/ 4 end.

After the paper is cut I used elmers glue to glue the paper to the can. Works great.

Wrap the paper around the can.

Next I traced around the top of the can, but that size is still a little to big so you have to cut some off from inside the traced line. Easy lol !!!

Then cut a piece from the circle you just cut out. This piece fits under the pull tab.

The fun part is here, stuffing the candy in the cans. I used suckers, little candy canes, red & white mints, little mini mixed candy bars, chocolate coins & bells. Whatever you like!!!

Then I used some super glue to attach the bottom of the can back on. Be careful and go easy on the super glue.
Then I got some of the Christmas curling ribbon, 2 pieces and tied around the pull tab. I also added a little business like card to it, wishing happy holidays from, and hubbys name on it.
They were easy, fun to do,  and turned out cute,

I will post a pic of the finished cans-------- I forgot to take one   lol.


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